Lofty Alpaca Baby Blanket – Pink and Pastels

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Lofty Alpaca Baby Blanket – Pink and Pastels


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Reversible alpaca throw in a variety of vivid colors. Approx. size: 32″ x 44″

In stock


Our beautiful, premium quality alpaca baby blanket offers ultra-soft, luxurious warmth at a price you won’t likely find anywhere else!

Our heirloom alpaca baby blankets are colored with vivid Cushing and Jacquard Dyes which will never run or fade. Alpaca fiber contains no lanolin or oils, and the cuticle is super smooth and tight. This allows alpaca fiber to hold dye extremely well. The true colors are awesome—even more beautiful and saturated than what the camera lens can portray! This throw features the same colors and designs on both sides of the blanket. Villa de Alpacas’ alpaca throws are very soft, yet super sturdy—designed and generated to last.

Easy care at home.

Wash in the washing machine with cold water and cold rinse – gentle cycle – using a conditioning human hair shampoo. Dry in the dryer with low heat or no heat. Use dryer sheets for best results.

Our Alpaca Baby Blankets are made from a proprietary blend of 80% alpaca fiber and 20% bamboo (also known as polyimide and rayon from Bamboo and some specialized types of acrylic), creating a luxuriously soft blanket with more strength, durability, and memory. This makes our alpaca baby blankets much easier to wash and helps to maintain their appearance over time. Bamboo fiber is also super-soft and hypoallergenic—just like alpaca fiber. This is MY CHOICE to create a better product.

Approx. size: 32″ x 44″

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Purple/Red/Green, Red/Green, Teal/Blue


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