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Women’s Alpaca Vest Closeout

Villa de Alpacas is proud to offer this super-soft, ultra-warm Women’s Alpaca vest. These versatile, high-quality vests are tailored for an attractive fit, easy care, and a lifetime of wear. Made in the U.S.A.

This popular Women’s Alpaca Vest has sold at our store for years at only $150.00 (compare that to the Peruvian vests sold by RedMaple Sportswear and Bass Pro Shops for $180 and $240). We are now closing out our women’s alpaca vests to make room for this Fall’s inventory. Choose from our remaining stock at the unbelievable closeout price of only $95.00!

Sizes: S-M-L-XL in a variety of natural & hand-dyed colors.
Quantities are limited, so buy now! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Closeout Price: only $95


Sale! Alpaca Scarf/Shawl

At a generous 75″ x 25″, our gorgeous Alpaca scarf is large enough to be worn as a shawl—or doubled up as a super warm, hypoallergenic scarf for both women and men.

The true beauty of these alpaca scarves is hard to capture! We use Cushing Dyes for the most steadfast and absolutely gorgeous super color saturation, with black alpaca interwoven throughout to give each color tremendous depth. The brilliant luster of the alpaca fiber creates colors and sheen that can appear differently under different lighting—absolutely beautiful to behold! Reg. $60. Limited time offer.

~ Farm Signature Product ~

Scarf/Shawls now only $50


Luxurious Alpaca Throws make great gifts


Our beautiful, premium quality alpaca throws offer ultra-soft, luxurious warmth at a price you won’t likely find anywhere else! At approx. 68″ x 44″, they’re slightly smaller than our regular blankets and at a great price of only $80!

Our new throws are great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, Weddings, Baptisms, etc (and future Christmas presents as well before they sell out). But most importantly—get one FOR YOURSELF! Snuggling with super soft alpaca certainly relieves stress!

Our heirloom alpaca throws are colored with vivid Cushing and Jacquard Dyes which will never run or fade. Alpaca fiber contains no lanolin or oils, and the cuticle is super smooth and tight. This allows alpaca fiber to hold dye extremely well. The true colors are awesome—even more beautiful and saturated than what the camera lens can portray! This throw features the same colors and designs on both sides of the blanket. Villa de Alpacas’ alpaca throws are very soft, yet super sturdy—designed and generated to last a life-time.

This smaller alpaca blanket that is designed to be used as a throw, but can be put on a bed as well. It’s the perfect size for a “personal” blanket, child’s gift or even baby gift. It’s also the best size to place on a couch, recliner, or love seat. Alpaca “breathes” better than other natural fibers, so it works great on a loveseat, sofa, couch, or recliner all year round. Really beautiful and work as a gorgeous color accent all year round in a room! It can also be folded and used as a very warm shawl!

Prices: from $80


Alpaca Blankets

Our beautiful, premium quality alpaca blankets offer ultra-soft, luxurious warmth at a price you won’t likely find anywhere else! Comparable blankets sell for more than $450 at high-end stores! Our heirloom alpaca blankets are colored with vivid Cushing and Jacquard Dyes which will never run or fade. All blankets are completely reversible with a contrasting design on the back. It’s like getting two blankets in one! Villa de Alpacas’ Alpaca Blankets are very soft, yet super sturdy—designed and fabricated to last a life-time.

Prices: from $140


Plush Alpaca Toys

Villa de Alpacas is proud to offer plush alpaca toys! These adorable alpaca toys are absolutely special and soft, super duper high quality, and all handmade from our own alpacas’ fiber. Just holding these impossibly soft plush toys will bring you much happiness and joy—along with very much needed stress relief!

Each plush alpaca toy is hand made and one of a kind. No two are alike, so your exact item may vary slightly from photos.

Only $40


Maryland’s Best Alpaca Products

WELCOME to Villa de Alpacas, historic Maryland farm and home to over 90 alpacas and llamas! We manufacture and sell some of the finest alpaca products and gifts available in the United States.

“Our goal is to have every product made in the USA with our own animals’ fleece.”

Our highest-quality textiles and products are generated on commercial looms right here at our family farm in Prince Georges County, Maryland. For other quality products produced by trusted partners, every effort is made to have them manufactured in the U.S.A. (as locally as possible) from the fleece of our own alpacas and llamas who are bred, born, shorn, loved, truly pampered, and cared for as important and integral members of our family. You’ll find:

  • Alpaca Scarves & Shawls
  • Alpaca Capes & Sweaters
  • Signature Alpaca Vests
  • Gorgeous Alpaca and Llama Blankets
  • Alpaca Socks & Boot Insoles
  • Alpaca Hats & Gloves
  • Hand-Dyed Yarns in unique and vibrant colors
  • Blends with silk, bamboo, & other natural fibers

Alpaca & Llama Products from Maryland’s Last Self-Sustained Bicentennial Farm,
woman-owned and operated by Angel Forbes-Simmons, 3rd cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln

Villa de Alpacas featured on FarmHer TV!

Watch the Season 3 trailer below and see our Blog post for all the details on how to watch our episode!

Historic Villa de Sales Farm

Maryland’s Last Self-Sustained Bicentennial Farm

Our family farm has been continuously running for over 200 years by direct family members. We are one of only 4 Bicentennial Farms in the entire State of Maryland and as recognized by the Governor.


Meet some of our Beautiful Alpacas and Llamas


We LOVE our alpacas and llamas! They are not just “farm animals”— they are our family pets. Each one is bred, born, shorn, loved, truly pampered, and cared for as important and integral members of our family. It is from the beautiful animals below that we derive much of the exquisite fleece used to make our clothing and textiles.

Large selection of unique alpaca items in our amazing Victorian-era showroom


We Ship Alpaca Clothing, Blankets & Gifts throughout the U.S!

Our unique, artistic, and one-of-a-kind alpaca clothing and textiles make the very best gifts for any special occasion. Our heirloom quality alpaca blankets and throws make the perfect gift for Christmas, Weddings, Anniveraries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, baptisms, new homes, quinceñeras and more!

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