Type: Suri
Birthdate: 6/1/2007
Registration: ILR Registered
ILR #: 272014
Color: Medium Grey
In Service Since: 2009

Certificate of Registration

Mosby and Kookaboo are my “premier” suri llama herdsires. My suri llama foundation herd will be based on some of their excellent genetics. I was most impressed with Mosby, even at birth. He was always the perfect cria in every way – sweet and endearing personality just like his dam, Tia, but also excellent conformation, gorgeous head, great luster, and pencil-like suri lock structure consistent throughout his perfect body. Mosby still retains an excellent lock structure with lots of density. I will definitely be going through the keuring process with the Suri Llama Association for Mosby and Kookaboo due to their super high quality and strong suri phenotype. And what is even better about this, is that this package comes in an absolutely gorgeous grey! Suri alpaca breeders will go crazy over these two males! I know that I have! Interestingly, both Mosby and Kookaboo were born on the same day at Villa de Alpacas and Llamas. They are best friends and almost inseparable. They are both certainly inseparable in my own heart too. I absolutely love both of these awesome males. I honestly feel blessed from God to have them in my herd.

Please review Mosby’s pedigree on his registration. He is related to many blue ribbon and grand champions. I plan to start breeding Mosby and Kookaboo in the Spring of 2009. I can’t wait to see their suri llama crias!

Stud Fee: $1,000


Lineage Dam:

HLL Tuna’s Silver Slippers
Intense Grey Brown, 218621, Breeding

Tia is one of my best llama dams and hands down the easiest animal on the entire farm to handle. She allows me to easily shear her, without any restraints whatsoever, even when she is pregnant. (This is an example of what a sweet and easy llama she really is.) These traits are handed down to her offspring as well. I absolutely love Tia! She is an integral member of my foundation breeding stock and will never, ever be for sale.

Lineage Sire:

BAL Presidio
Medium Grey, 236315, Breeding

We are so grateful to Dan and Dale Goodyear of Berry Acres for offering BAL Presidio at the 2003 Berry Picking. We were awed by his father, Rising Star’s Antonio. It turned out that almost every llama we really liked that came up for sale was an offspring of Antonio. Then when Presidio’s half-sister out of Sorpresada, Rumba G, came up for sale my jaw dropped. She is absolutely gorgeous. I later found out she received a Grand for heavy wool female at the Virginia Classic. We also found out that BAL Presidio won the Young Male Futurity at the Northeast Llama Showcase and Sorpresada won Produce of Dam. We decided we wanted to add these bloodlines to our breeding program.

His first babies have all been beautiful. His daughter, Shangrila’s Miss Rita, got First Place Heavy Wool Juvenile and Reserve Champion Heavy Wool at her first show, the 2006 Shenandoah Showcase. She just got Grand Champion Medium Wool Female at the 2007 Virginia Classic.